Think. Do. Create. Sell!

Isaac’s eStand gives kids the opportunity to THINK OF SOMETHING, DO SOMETHING, CREATE SOMETHING AND SELL whatever is within their imagination. By providing a platform to sell and promote kid-made products, kids can become pint-sized entrepreneurs. The education provided allows our kids to grow into better business people.

What You’ll Get…

An Easy-To-Use Online Store

Create a new product in minutes! You can upload photos directly from your smartphone, change your store settings, and manage orders easily in our simple Vendor Dashboard.

Access to Forums

Share ideas and be inspired by others in the community. Discuss blueprints for crafts and share information with other group members.

Educational Materials for Young Entrepreneurs

Access our educational materials, read articles we compile & write, and learn about other successful young entrepreneurs. Articles include everything from “How to Photograph your Products” to big lessons like “How to Be a Productive Worker.”


  • Create a storefront with your logo and your story
  • Add & edit products: Upload product images, write descriptions, set price and more!
  • Track sales and easily view orders to stay organized
  • Create coupons and sales to generate interest!
Vendor Dashboard Preview


Have a craft that multiple children can help create? Channel their energy into a fundraiser for your organization! PA, PTA, class, school, charity, etc… Just name it!

→ Send your school/organization directly to your storefront to shop items benefiting your cause!
→ Use your organization’s name to allow your supporters to search for you!
→ Raise funds for your class or group by selling your students handmade work!
→ Encourage entrepreneurship amongst your students.
→ Explore business lessons with your students in a hands-on way!

Forums Preview


  • Create & manage groups in your school/community/organization
  • Share ideas and be inspired by others in the community
  • Get feedback on your ideas and products you are working on currently

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